Genetic History

What is known of its genetic history?

    "Ebola Zaire has been completely sequenced and Ebola Reston is nearly completed. The gene order of these viruses reaffirms their independence as a family. Also, some ancient conserved sequences along with the gene order, i.e. the layout of the genes along the RNA molecule, put the family 'Filoviridae' into an order, the only order in virology, 'Mononegavirales.' This emphasizes the ancient phylogenetic connection between three families- 'Filoviridae', 'Paramyxoviridae' (measles, mumps) and 'Rhabdoviridae' (rabies). There is no connection with HIV."

    "Comparison of filovirus genomes with other non-segmented, negative stranded viruses suggest comparable mechanisms of transcription and translation and a common evolutionary lineage. Sequence analysis of single genes indicate that filoviruses are phylogenetically quite distinct from other families of the order Mononegavirales. They are most closely related to the paramyxoviruses, particularly human respiratory syncytial virus."

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